Welcome to CILA's blog, Together for Children's Rights Updates. Here, CILA staff members write blog posts to highlight substantive legal issues, share information about CILA’s new resources and other happenings at CILA, and uplift information helpful to children’s immigration advocates. The CILA team aims to help you stay informed and connected to CILA and the community of legal and social services advocates working on behalf of immigrant youth.

If you are an advocate, please know that information included here is not intended to be a substitute for independent legal research. For youth, please know that most information on CILA’s website is intended for attorneys, legal staff, and social services staff. For information for youth, visit CILA’s youth page. Immigration law is complex and changes frequently. The information provided here is not a substitute for legal advice from an immigration lawyer familiar with your case.

Si eres defensor, la información incluida aquí no sustituya una investigación legal independiente. Para jóvenes, la mayoría de la información que contiene nuestra página web fue creada para defensores y otras personas que trabajan en servicios legales o servicios sociales para jóvenes. Para información creada para ustedes, visiten nuestra página aquí. El derecho inmigratorio es complejo y hay cambios frecuentemente. La información incluida aquí no sustituya los consejos legales de un abogado que se especialice en el derecho inmigratorio con conocimiento de su caso.

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