Working Together to Empower Children Facing Deportation in Your Community

The numbers speak for themselves. Representation makes a significant difference in the lives of children facing deportation. Many children have legal relief available that could offer them protection and more security in the United States. The only thing missing is knowledge and guidance to navigate the system. Children appearing in immigration court alone are unable to access the relief from deportation that is available to them under the law. The need is greater than the services the current system of non-profit legal service providers can provide. The needs of this resilient group are specialized: attorneys must earn the trust of young people from all over the world who have traveled a long way from their homes and support systems, understand the nuances of the dynamic immigration system, be ready to work on a case for years, and communicate using child friendly practices in languages other than English. There is no doubt that appointing a free, specialized attorney to every child in this system is the gold standard. Until that standard is realized, many children need help from attorneys on a pro bono basis to fill this gap.

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