Es Ud. un joven o pariente de un joven que se encuentra en procedimientos de deportación o con alguna duda sobre su situación migratoria?

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CILA legal staff includes attorneys with substantial experience representing unaccompanied children. CILA is able to provide assistance to attorneys and legal staff working on a child's immigration case. CILA provides technical assistance to advocates in Texas and to the Vera network of legal services providers nationwide. Requests for technical assistance may relate to the theory of the case, legal strategy, procedural and evidentiary issues, and best practices on working with children and victims of trauma. If you have questions relating to the state court portion of SIJS, we can provide guidance on state law questions for Texas.

If you have any problems filling out this form, or would rather speak to us directly, please feel free to simply call us at 346.444.2569 or e-mail us at with your technical assistance needs.

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CILA does not represent clients directly in immigration cases. If you are a young person or their family and looking for assistance on immigration matters, check out our information page for immigrant youth, please do not submit the form below.

Si Ud. o un joven esta buscando información sobre procedimientos de deportación o albuergues de niños migrantes, por favor, no submite el formulario. CILA no representa directamente a clientes en casos de inmigración. Busca nuestra pagina de información para la juventud.

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