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CILA and Social Services Technical Assistance:

CILA provides social services technical assistance to advocates across the Acacia national UCP network. Whether you are legal or social services staff within your organization, CILA's social work team is available to provide guidance, explore ideas, share recommendations, and offer support for the challenges you may encounter while addressing the diverse needs of unaccompanied youth. Whether your question is basic or complicated, you can ask CILA questions related to the case you are working on. Each question and response is unique. CILA will generally respond with an individualized email to address your question and offer helpful information.

Technical Assistance Topics:

We can assist in identifying resources and services for unaccompanied youth, including housing options, educational support, medical and mental health services, and legal assistance. Additionally, we can assist in exploring complex cases alongside you, collaborating to develop strategies aimed at achieving the best possible outcome for the client.

If you have any problems filling out this form, or would rather speak to us directly, please feel free to simply call us at 346.444.2569 or e-mail us at with your technical assistance needs.

Case Assistance Request Form

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