CILA Published in the Juvenile Justice Update

CILA Senior Staff Attorneys Yasmin Yavar and Vickie Giambra had their article, “The Impact of Unaccompanied Children on a Juvenile Justice Practice,” published in the Fall 2019 edition of Juvenile Justice Update. Published by the Civic Research Institute, Juvenile Justice Update is devoted to “helping courts, law enforcement and corrections officials, prosecutors and defenders, aftercare and social service professionals deal with the critical problems of juvenile crime.


Yasmin and Vickie’s article endeavors to explain to practitioners working in the juvenile justice system who UCs are, where they are coming from, and what they have been through, to give context as to why the child may have ended up in the juvenile justice system. It also goes on to explain the impact involvement with the juvenile justice system can have on UCs and their immigration cases, what immigration relief these kids might be eligible for, and how to identify and help UCs.

Juvenile Justice Update is available by subscription here.