New Practice Advisory: Challenging a Defective Notice to Appear (NTA) in Children’s Removal Proceedings

Following the Supreme Court’s decision in Campos Chaves v. Garland, No. 22-674 (June 14, 2024), this practice advisory will be revised and has been removed from CILA’s website. For updated information about challenging a defective Notice to Appear (NTA), CILA invites you to join us for our webinar with the National Immigration Litigation Alliance (NILA) on “Defective Notices to Appear,” being held live via Zoom on July 30, 2024, at 02:00 PM Central Time. Register for the webinar here.

The CILA team is excited to share a new practice advisory on “Challenging a Defective Notice to Appear (NTA) in Children’s Removal Proceedings.” This resource is meant to help practitioners working with children and youth in immigration proceedings with understanding the potential impact of a “defective,” or putative, Notice to Appear (NTA) in removal proceedings. It looks primarily at defects that occur because the NTA fails to include all of the information required by law, such as the time and place of the hearing.

The resource includes a summary of key cases and guidance on the types of motions to file and arguments to raise when seeking to terminate or reopen a case based on a defective NTA. The Appendices further include a sample defective NTA and a chart summarizing the current split of authority in the federal courts of appeal related to when a respondent can seek to reopen and rescind an in absentia removal order.

CILA hopes this resource will help practitioners working with youth. CILA is also grateful for the National Immigration Litigation Alliance’s assistance in providing feedback on the resource.

The practice advisory is available here. You will need a free CILA account to access it. Sign up for an account here. Contact CILA at if you need additional assistance accessing this resource.