Advocates Share Why They Are Involved and Work on Behalf of Migrant Youth

We are so grateful for the advocates who participated in our first art project initiative and shared with us why they are involved in this work. We invited advocates to share a word that represents why they are engaged and working with immigrant children. Participants could share their word in any medium they wanted: a photo, drawing, painting, digital art, etc. This art project was inspired by a CILA workshop icebreaker where advocates shared in one word why they were involved.

We compiled submissions and wanted to share the visuals here. Participants shared with us words and images representing justice, welcome, empower, supportive, magic, hope, advocacy, matters, and love.

We are always inspired by the courage, competency, compassion, and creativity displayed by advocates working on behalf of immigrant children and youth. Thank you to everyone for their work, and again thank you to those who participated in CILA’s art project initiative.

Click on an image to see a larger version.

Watch a video of the submissions.

Inspired? Get involved!

If you are not already involved in this important work, CILA welcomes you to get involved and support a child by providing pro bono representation. Visit CILA’s pro bono platform and see if there is a case of interest to you. There are cases across the nation in need of assistance.