Choose Your Word. Choose Your Medium. Share Why You Are Involved.

This idea was inspired many moons ago during a CILA workshop icebreaker. We invite you to participate and share a word that represents why you are engaged and involved in working with immigrant children. During the prior CILA workshop icebreaker, participants shared words like justice, family, and hope.

This is not a competition; it is just for fun, or perhaps self-care. Even though we were inspired to do this awhile back, the timing feels right since it is the New Year, a time for renewal, reflection, and moving forward for many. It is nice to remember when doing this important and challenging work, the reasons behind doing it. We want to recognize as a community that things have been tough, and this is one way we can come together.

Choose your word. Choose your medium. Get creative. You can share your word any way you wish: a photo, drawing, painting, digital art, mosaic, sewing, handwritten. You can also use an image to represent your word if you don’t wish to include it directly. Feel free to do what speaks to you.

We hope to share the words and images on our website, so that the sense of inspiration we had during that icebreaker can be shared with us all as we see the different words and images together. And, who knows, that might also inspire others to get informed and involved. Thank you for being part of the CILA community!

Choose your word. Choose your medium.

Why are you involved in this work?

  Rules (there are not many):

  • Choose the word you would like to share.
  • Decide how you would like to express yourself: choose your medium.
  • Click on the below survey link to participate and upload your creation.
  • Deadline: Please submit your word to CILA by March 14, 2022 so we can gather them together.