New CILA Resource for Legal + Social Services Advocates – A Toolkit for Navigating Difficult Conversations

CILA’s legal and social work teams are excited to share a new resource now available on the CILA Additional Resources webpage, A Toolkit for Navigating Difficult Conversations – Guidance and Examples. This interdisciplinary resource includes ethical considerations, helpful context for conversations, practical tips for supporting clients, and self-care strategies. The resource also includes example scripts in English and Spanish, covering topics advocates and/or clients may struggle discussing openly. CILA is thankful to all participants in our recent workshops on this topic, as your input has helped guide the development of this resource. 

We hope this resource will serve as a tool for advocates, whether attorneys, legal staff, social services staff, or pro bono attorneys. It may also be a helpful cross-training tool for your interdisciplinary programs. Internally, we learned so much across disciplines in creating it. 

We all develop expertise with each new conversation we have, and the CILA team welcomes the opportunity to learn from you. If you have comments regarding this toolkit or would like to add to it by sharing helpful tips, scripts, or resources, we invite you to do so by writing to us at We would love to hear from you. Contact CILA at if you need the password to access our Additional Resources webpage.