Procedural Options in Removal Proceedings for Youth

The CILA team is excited to share a new in-depth resource on “Procedural Options in Removal Proceedings for Youth.” Practitioners working with unaccompanied children and youth in proceedings must often analyze how best to manage immigration court cases because of pending state court actions or petitions before USCIS. This 45-page resource offers key information for advocates as they consider various procedural tools in immigration court and the current climate with respect to prosecutorial discretion, including continuances, status dockets, administrative closure, dismissal, termination, and off-calendaring.

The resource, informed by technical assistance requests CILA has received, includes helpful charts, links to key authorities, and hypotheticals reflecting common scenarios that arise in unaccompanied children’s cases. It also includes a collection of resources for further research and study. CILA hopes this resource will help practitioners in the field and pro bono attorneys serving unaccompanied children and youth as they navigate each case and contemplate how best to proceed.

The in-depth resource is available here. You will need a free CILA account to access it. Sign up for an account here. Contact CILA at if you need additional assistance accessing this resource.