Now Available – New Mental Health and Behavioral Toolkit by Marissa Barrera, CILA Social Worker

CILA is excited to announce that our social worker, Marissa Barrera, has prepared a toolkit – Working with Unaccompanied Children: Mental and Behavioral Health Toolkit that is now available.

The toolkit was prepared for social workers, social services providers, legal service providers or anyone else new to working with unaccompanied children, as well as to those that need a refresher or new ideas. It is designed as practical working tool with the goal of providing recommendations for the protection and support of the mental and behavioral health and well-being of unaccompanied children. The toolkit aims to provide a context to these children’s experiences and 101 essential information regarding mental and behavioral health, as well as well as tools and resources in English and Spanish

We hope that you will find it to be a useful resource in your work! Should you have any thoughts about materials that should be added to future editions of the toolkit, they are welcome. You can reach out to