New Resource on Working with Tender-Aged Children

CILA is excited to share a new resource created in collaboration with Loyola’s Center for the Human Rights of Children (CHRC). The resource, Considerations for Tender-Aged Children in Immigration Court Proceedings, is now available on CILA’s website.

The CILA team saw the need for more support for advocates working with young children and collaborated with CHRC to create this resource. CILA team members worked closely with Sarah Diaz, Associate Director of the CHRC, to complete this resource project. Considerations for Tender-Aged Children in Immigration Court Proceedings covers various topics—such as child development, interviewing young children, a cross-disciplinary review of child treatment in the courtroom, and ethical considerations when representing young children. The resource is styled as a research paper, compiling social science and legal research to help immigration practitioners working with children under the age of thirteen. Additionally, the resource includes several practical tips and materials to help advocates who are currently working with a young child. This resource is intended for attorneys, legal staff, and social services staff working with migrant children.

CILA is grateful to the authors for their time, energy, and dedication and for making this resource possible. We are very excited to share this resource and hope it fills a gap and the need to support advocates in the field, who do the imperative and challenging work of helping young children in immigration cases.

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