ABA Commission on Immigration Provides Webinar on Working with Country Conditions Experts

The American Bar Association’s Commission on Immigration recently held a training on working with country conditions experts in asylum cases. The Commission on Immigration (COI) held the webinar titled, “Engaging Country Conditions Experts in Asylum Cases,” on December 7, 2022. The webinar was recorded and is available to view online. View the recording here. Along with viewing the training, check out these written resources provided as accompanying materials to the webinar: “Quick Guide: Engaging Country Conditions Experts in Asylum Cases” and “Resource Guide for New-to-Immigration Attorneys.”

CILA also recently updated a written resource, “How to Prepare for an Individual Hearing: Different Practitioners’ Perspectives.” The resource provides different perspectives from several practitioners regarding how to prepare for an individual hearing in immigration court, including some practical tips related to working with experts. This resource shows different preparation styles and ideas to help attorneys new to the field and pro bono attorneys think through how to get organized and ready for a merits hearing. The resource is available on CILA’s Additional Resources webpage. If you need the password to access the webpage, contact CILA at cila@abacila.org.