UPDATE: Biden Administration Immigration Actions

In the 65 days that President Biden has been in office, he has issued 37 executive orders, and this does not even count any presidential proclamations or agency actions stemming from executive orders. At CILA, we are understandably most interested in what the executive orders and other administrative actions mean for immigration. This post is an update to our initial February 5, 2020 post, adding additional actions that have been taken since then, with an analysis of the steps the administration has taken on immigration so far and how they will impact the population we serve, immigrant children.[1] CILA’s intention is to update this post regularly, so that we can help practitioners keep abreast of changes. The relevant actions that have occurred so far are as follows, in reverse chronological order:

The changes to U.S. immigration regulations and policy have been coming fast and furious under the new administration. Although many of the "changes" are in fact reversions to policies in place prior to the Trump administration, they are having a profound impact on our clients and their immigration cases.

[1] CILA will not be reviewing all of the different immigration executive orders and agency actions that the administration has put out so far; we are limiting our review to those pieces that will impact children who arrive unaccompanied. There are several good resources already created that look at the full picture, such as AILA’s “Featured Issue: First 100 Days of the Biden Administration,” Immigration Advocates Network Alerts, “The First 100 Days,” and the ABA Commission on Immigration’s “Recent White House and Executive Agency Immigration Pronouncements.”