New Partnership with the National Immigration Litigation Alliance (NILA)

This week, the future looks brighter, more hopeful, more just.  For that, we are so thankful.  And we are so thankful for you, for your incredible advocacy and commitment, in good times and bad.

Going into these elections, we knew that regardless of the outcomes, many unaccompanied children would continue to need advocacy beyond the IJ level in order to secure the protection they need.  In order to support you in this advocacy, CILA is pleased to announce a new partnership with the National Immigration Litigation Alliance, or NILA.  NILA’s mission is to realize systemic change in the immigrant rights’ arena by engaging in impact litigation and by building the capacity of social justice attorneys to litigate in federal court.

The CILA-NILA partnership has three main components – trainings, technical assistance, and resource creation – to be delivered over the course of the coming year.  Some highlights are:

  • We will offer several Live Zoom Trainings.  In addition, numerous trainings will be recorded and available on CILA’s site, to be accessed at your convenience.  In some cases, NILA will create practice advisories and templates to accompany the trainings and assist you in your advocacy.  Though we have some topics in mind, including Texas habeas petitions, Texas mandamus actions, an introduction to federal court practice, briefing strategies before the BIA, and petitions for review and judicial stays of removal to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, we also hope to cover emergent issues as needed.
  • Starting NOW, Legal Service Providers in Texas can submit technical assistance requests to CILA that involve issues of federal litigation, and we will call on NILA to assist in responding to your request in the same timely manner.  You can continue to reach out to us as you always have, via direct e-mails to CILA staff or our online technical assistance request form.
  • For those who want to improve their writing skills, stay tuned!  One of the recorded trainings will focus exclusively on legal writing.  As follow up to that training, NILA will review the work of one advocate each month and provide constructive feedback on writing samples you provide.  This is a great opportunity to take your writing to the next level with free, individualized support from amazing experts.

More details about each of these components will be forthcoming.  For now, mark your calendars, as the inaugural training, “Ready to Win – Moving Beyond Trying Cases at the Immigration Judge Level,” will take place on Monday, November 30th from 1 – 2 pm CST via Zoom.  You can find more details about the training and register here.