CILA Tracks Asylum Law Changes and Impacts on Youth

CILA issued an updated resource tracking the changes (and attempted changes) to asylum law. The resource, titled Navigating Asylum Law Changes: What are the Impacts on Unaccompanied Children?, provides an overview and status of recent changes.  

The resource analyzes the recent changes to asylum law, whether the changes (and attempted changes) apply to unaccompanied children, and the status of the issue, including information related to pending litigation, additional governmental action, helpful links to learn more, and relevant practice advisories for more in-depth information.

CILA created the resource to help advocates stay up to date with the frequent changes in asylum law over the past few years. The resource provides an easy way for advocates to track the changes and find out more on a particular issue. Check it out here, and contact CILA at if you need the password to access our Additional Resources webpage.