CILA Issues 2021 Pro Bono Guide

CILA is excited to announce that we updated the CILA Pro Bono Guide: Working with Children and Youth in Immigration Cases.

We created a short video announcing the updated Guide and highlighting CILA’s platform, where you can see available pro bono opportunities.

Initially published in August 2020, CILA is happy to share the updated version of the Pro Bono Guide as there have been many changes in immigration law over the last year. The 117-page resource covers important skills for working with children and youth in immigration cases including trauma-informed lawyering and interviewing tips and strategies along with sections focused on key forms of relief.

While the Guide is designed for pro bono attorneys, it also provides valuable information for new practitioners and experienced practitioners alike. The Guide is designed to cover the basics of necessary skills and substantive law in children’s cases, while also providing practical tips and links throughout to learn more.

CILA’s Pro Bono Guide is available to download for free on CILA’s website on CILA’s Online Library, Pro Bono Matters, and Creative Pro Bono Models webpages.

For those interested in working with a child or youth in a pro bono case, CILA hosts a platform Pro Bono Matters for Children Facing Deportation that includes available cases nationwide that are in need of pro bono representation. We encourage you to make a difference in the life of a child by working on a case. CILA provides numerous resources and recorded trainings on CILA’s website to support pro bono attorneys.

CILA also sends a quarterly newsletter to anyone who is interested in potentially engaging in pro bono opportunities to help children in their immigration matters, for anyone who is a pro bono attorney and seeking resources, or for anyone who wants to learn more about and follow this work. Join the quarterly newsletter here.

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