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View the ABA CILA's Fact Sheet: Unaccompanied Children at the Border resource. With the increased media attention on the United States’ Southern border, CILA wanted to provide some information regarding the systems involved and context to what is happening. The Fact Sheet also provides information regarding advocacy needs for unaccompanied children.

CILA’s  Pro Bono Guide, is intended to help provide a background to pro bono attorneys representing children in immigration cases. The Guide is designed to provide introductory information and links to webinars and additional resources to explore for more detailed training. The Guide covers essential advocacy skills that go beyond the black letter of the law and has an emphasis on practical tips to help you navigate your pro bono representation.

As a capacity building organization, CILA provides trainings, hosts working group meetings, creates written resources, and answers technical assistance questions to support attorneys, legal staff, and social services staff on the ground working with youth along with pro bono attorneys helping immigrant children. To see how CILA took action in 2023, take a look at our 2023 Annual Report.

CILA has prepared the chart "Helpful Resources in Representing Unaccompanied Children," to facilitate research, especially for those new to the world of children's immigration law.  The chart contains links to a variety of resources but is by no means exhaustive.  As you discover new and helpful resources you'd like to see added, do let us know.

Download the resource list here. 

CILA provides monthly case summaries to support your practice. Read BIA, 5th Circuit, and Supreme Court case summaries here.

To be notified when a new one is available, please sign up for our national monthly newsletter "Champions for Immigrant Youth" here.

CILA staff created bite-sized tips to support new immigration practitioners and pro bono attorneys working with children and youth. This project consists of 7 short videos featuring a different substantive or skills-based issue important to new practitioners. The CILA team also highlighted different related CILA written resources and recorded trainings to learn more. CILA also wrote a blog post summarizing each tip and linking all resources for easier access. Read the blog post here.

To watch the video series, please click here.

CILA’s blog post series, “Supporting Our Clients in the Interim by Rescreening for Relief” focuses on the need to consistently keep in contact with current clients and a best practice recommendation to assess their eligibility for other forms of relief and evaluate whether changed circumstances have occurred in their pending cases. For each post, the CILA team will use hypotheticals to highlight different types of legal relief that may arise in a client’s case or different scenarios that may affect a client’s pending form of relief from removal.
Head to our blog, "Together for Children's Rights Updates," and filter posts by selecting the "Rescreening" tag in the box at the top. Or click here to view.

CILA created the following double-sided chart designed for quick reference in SIJS cases. The resource covers SIJS eligibility requirements, key citations, and information on the process for SIJS cases. Additionally, CILA provides some references to Texas state law as an example for the state court portion of a SIJS case. The resource can be used by attorneys, judges, and other stakeholders.

CILA has created the resource "Cultural Competence and Humility: Guidance for Legal and Social Services Staff Working with Unaccompanied Children" to assist advocates in creating a safe space for their clients to share their complete identity, which will also will help the advocate to persuasively present the child's case to an adjudicator and provide effective representation.

Download the resource here.

CILA attorneys, Dalia Castillo-Granados and Yasmin Yavar, wrote the following law review article: A New Legal Framework for Children Seeking Special Immigrant Juvenile Status.

CILA created a chart identifying publications for citation by publication in Central America, to facilitate service in this manner when necessary. The chart contains contact information, pricing, and general circulation areas for publications in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. The chart is by no means exclusive and if you use or are aware of other publications that you’d recommend, please let us know.

Download the publications list here.

CILA has created the resource, "Quick Reference Guide – Special Immigrant Juvenile Status and EB-4
Immigrant Visa Availability," to address the issue of the EB-4 visa backlog and how it affects children with Special Immigrant Juvenile Status.

Download the resource here.

CILA Resources

Check back often for new & updated resources, videos, webinars and more.

The Texas Office for Refugees (TXOR) gave a presentation to CILA’s Texas UC Asylum Working Group on their work in Texas and what services are available to asylees and victims of trafficking.

To view and download the presentation slides and Texas Resources booklet, please click on the respective links.

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