CILA 2022 Annual Report Shares Highlights 

2022 was a momentous year for CILA: we expanded services nationally; welcomed new staff members from Houston, Dallas, San Diego, and Chicago; and answered 400+ technical assistance requests from advocates for immigrant youth and children. CILA’s work did not stop there! To learn more about our efforts in 2022, join us in reading CILA’s 2022 Annual Report below. 

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  • Learn more about the issues and ways to get involved
  • Visit CILA’s platform, Pro Bono Matters for Children Facing Deportation, to view pro bono opportunities to help children who need pro bono representation. 
  • Join CILA’s quarterly e-newsletter if you are a pro bono attorney, interested in potentially engaging in a pro bono opportunity to help children in the future, or want to stay updated on CILA’s resources and other issues affecting youth in their immigration cases. 

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  • CILA provides a webpage with information in English and Spanish with helpful information for youth such as basic information about the U.S. immigration system, where to get case-related information, and how to seek help. 

For Everyone: 

2023 is still just beginning, and we are excited to see what we will accomplish as a team. Thank you for participating in CILA’s webinars, contributing updates during working group meetings, trusting the CILA team to answer your technical assistance questions, and providing ideas on what resources CILA should create. As a capacity building organization, we do our best to support attorneys, legal staff, and social services staff on the ground working with youth, along with pro bono attorneys. We want you to know that we feel proud to work with a wonderful community of advocates working with children and youth in immigration matters. We could not do it without you!