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CILA's social work team creates resources with advocates, children, and sponsors in mind. Some of our toolkits include sample scripts in English and Spanish. If you wish to read a blog post regarding one of these resources, please visit our Blog webpage here and filter by #Social Work. We included resources created by the CILA legal and social services team here that cover topics relevant to social services staff and social workers. Click on the icons to discover more about each resource.

Please note that some of the resources below will prompt you to log in or sign up for a free CILA account. If you have any questions, please email us at

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Navigating Reunification Challenges: A Toolkit for Sponsors of Unaccompanied Minors

This toolkit was created by CILA’s social work team in both English and Spanish to help sponsors and youth navigate the complexities of the reunification process. It includes an overview of potential social, behavioral, and mental health challenges that might arise during the transitional period of reunification. The goal of this resources is to offer tips, resources, and guided practices relating to behavioral health for sponsors and children that might help prevent or mitigate potential challenges. You can read more in our introductory blog post here.

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A Toolkit for Navigating Difficult Conversations with Child Clients: Guidance & Examples

This interdisciplinary resource created by CILA’s legal and social work teams includes ethical considerations, helpful context for conversations, practical tips for supporting clients, and self-care strategies. The resource also includes example scripts in English and Spanish, covering topics advocates and/or clients may struggle discussing openly. CILA is thankful to all participants in our recent workshops on this topic. Their input has helped guide the development of this resource. 

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mental health toolkit

Working with Unaccompanied Children: Mental and Behavioral Heath Toolkit

This toolkit was prepared for social workers, social services providers, legal service providers, or anyone else new to working with unaccompanied youth, as well as for those practitioners who need a refresher or seek new ideas. This toolkit aims to provide context to the youths’ experiences and essential 101 information about mental and behavioral health, in addition to tools and resources in both English and Spanish. You can also read Marissa's introductory blog post here.

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Conditions for LGBTQIA+ Children & Youth in Seven Countries

This resource provides a starting point for documenting country conditions in seven countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Afghanistan) relating to LBGTQIA+ individuals. Local organizations that may be able to help LBGTQIA+ individuals have also been noted in the document.

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A New Path: My Toolkit for Navigating Life in the United States

A toolkit prepared by CILA’s social work team for unaccompanied migrant youth in the United States as they navigate the immigration process. The goal of this toolkit is to offer general information, tips, and resources related to mental and behavioral health, certain legal rights, and the immigration process for youth. Available in Spanish here. You can read more about the resource on the blog post here.

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emotional wellness workbook

Emotional Wellness Workbook for Youth

This workbook was created by CILA’s social work team in both English and Spanish to provide youth with tools for achieving emotional wellness. It includes 41 activities offering coping and grounding skills, as well as tips for navigating shelter fatigue, increasing self esteem, building a support group, and more. You can read all about in our introductory blog post here.

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As part of CILA's social work program, CILA offers training focused on supporting social service providers and the populations they work with within a culturally responsive framework. For other trainings on working with children, please click here.

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