Secondary Traumatic Stress and Self-Care

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The purpose of this webinar is to support professionals like social workers, social service providers, mental health providers, legal staff and attorneys who work directly with unaccompanied children who have endured trauma of abuse, violence, natural disasters, and other traumatic events. There is growing evidence that the impact of directly supporting others through experiences of trauma can lead not only to compassion fatigue and burn out, but secondary traumatic stress.

This webinar will focus on how and why secondary traumatic stress manifests. What are the signs and symptoms to look out for, and how it can be prevented or mitigated by developing and implementing a strategic approach that focuses on strengthening protective factors and self-care.

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Recorded Date

March 30, 2022


Presented by Marissa Barrera, LMSW (CILA), Kasey Wolff, M.Ed., LPC, supervising counselor and Megan Heath, counseling intern with The Alliance.

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This Webinar was developed following the criteria and standards set by the Texas Board of Examiners for Social Workers, Professional Counselors and Marriage and Family therapist, under Texas Administrative Code, title 22, part 34. §781.509

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