Advocating with Empathy: Awareness and Practical Guidance for Working with Unaccompanied Minors with Disabilities

Webinar Details

This interdisciplinary webinar training was being hosted by CILA’s social services team. The training was created for attorneys, legal staff, and social services advocates who want to learn more about how best to support unaccompanied minors with disabilities. Topics covered included: an introduction to different types of disabilities, tips for creating a supportive environment, and considerations for working with clients as legal service providers and in legal settings.

The training also offered resources for empowering clients to find community and advocate for themselves. This training focused on increasing awareness and providing practical tips and guidance for advocates. Shalom Hernandez enhanced awareness and offered her lived experience, Laura Egan offered tips from her experience working with clients with various disabilities in both disability law and immigration law, and Marissa Barrera offered CILA resources to assist clients in finding community and advocate for themselves in medical settings. Our hope is that advocates leave the training feeling more empowered to advocate for their clients and learn additional ideas and tools to help empower their clients as well.


Recorded Date

April 24, 2024


  • Marissa Barrera, CILA Social Worker
  • Laura Egan, CILA Managing Attorney for Pro Bono & Communications
  • Shalom Hernandez, CILA Social Work Fellow

Webinar Materials