Children’s Immigration Law: 2022 Roundup

Webinar Details

CILA hosted a webinar presentation providing a review of substantive and procedural changes in immigration law affecting unaccompanied children over the past year. The webinar guided participants through the changes that have occurred since the last CILA Roundup webinar in December of 2021. Topics covered included changes and updates related to: working with unaccompanied children, special immigrant juvenile status and adjustment of status, asylum, U & T visas, practicing in immigration court, self-care, and social work resources. The presentation highlighted both the ups and downs of the past year including ways to preserve the rights of unaccompanied children. The presentation aims to provide guidance, including ethical considerations to attorneys on how to litigate in a constantly changing environment, as well as point them to resources to guide them along the way.

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Recorded Date

December 14, 2022


  • Dalia Castillo-Granados, CILA Director
  • Vickie Giambra, CILA Managing Attorney
  • Laura Egan, CILA Managing Attorney
  • Marissa Barrera, CILA Social Worker
  • Nadia Danilovich, CILA Senior Staff Attorney
  • Sarena Bhatia, CILA Senior Staff Attorney
  • Sachika Denham-Hand, CILA Staff Attorney

Webinar Materials