Companions Throughout the Journey: The Importance of Incorporating Rescreening During the Entire Span of an Unaccompanied Child’s Case

Webinar Details

This presentation was part of day 1 of the 6th Annual Symposium.

Using case scenarios, panelists with legal and social work backgrounds will discuss best practices for incorporating intentional rescreening in client interactions, especially for those with long-pending cases. Panelists will also discuss why creating space for rescreening is essential, why clients might benefit from pursuing multiple forms of relief, and how to make rescreening a sustainable practice so that service providers and staff can address the challenges of large caseloads or turn-over in their organizations.

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Recorded Date

May 30, 2024


  • Hannah Eash-Gates, RAICES
  • Maira Herrera, Kids in Need of Defense
  • Alysa Medina, RAICES
  • Cecily Montgomery, RAICES
  • Diana Tafur, RAICES (moderator)

Webinar Materials