Tips and Guidance for Helping Unaccompanied Immigrant Youth Access Publicly Funded Benefits and Services

Webinar Details

This webinar provides attendees with detailed information on the full range of publicly funded benefits and services unaccompanied immigrant youth can access in their states. The webinar also highlights the best practices for accompanying and assisting immigrant survivors applying for benefits such as housing, health care, income support, food stamps, driver’s licenses, education, childcare, unemployment insurance and other benefits. Some publicly funded benefits and services are open to all immigrants without regard to immigration status. Public benefits eligibility varies by state, by form of immigration case, age of the child, youth and the type of benefit the victim is seeking. Additionally, the webinar demonstrates how participants can use NIWAP’s new online benefits map and state-by-state charts. The webinar demonstration focuses on the following states: California, Texas, D.C, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, New York.

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Recorded Date

April 18, 2023


  • Leslye Orloff, President of the National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project (NIWAP)
  • Rafaela Rodriguez, Immigrant Women Law and Policy Fellow, NIWAP

Webinar Materials