CILA Tools, Webinars, & Guides to Support Your Organization’s Pro Bono Program

CILA is a capacity-building organization. We strive to support legal service providers working with children in immigration proceedings. We know that many organizations work with pro bono attorneys to help meet the need for counsel for children’s immigration cases, while other organizations want to work with pro bono attorneys, but do not have the capacity for a program. We work to help bridge that gap by providing a variety of training tools for organizations to share with pro bono attorneys. See our website for a full list of our resources and trainings.

Featured Resources

  • Pro Bono Guide
  • Tool to Post Cases to a National Audience: Pro Bono Matters for Children Facing Deportation
  • Training Webinars: Immigration & Unaccompanied Children 101: 9 webinars, recorded 2019 – Highlighted webinars:
    • Introduction to Working with Unaccompanied Children
    • Trauma Informed Lawyering with Unaccompanied Children
  • Training Guide: Cultural Competency and Humility When Representing Unaccompanied Children
  • Training Guide: How to Prepare for an Individual Hearing – Different Practitioners’ Perspectives
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