Working With Immigrant Families Involved In The State Child Welfare System: The Role Of The Parent’s Attorney

Webinar Details

The goal of this presentation is to shed light on the unique vulnerabilities of immigrant and noncitizen families caught up in child welfare proceedings, and to discuss the practical, ethical, and legal challenges involved in representing these highly impacted communities. Through a comprehensive hypo, immigration and family defense attorneys from the Center for Family Representation (institutional providers of legal and social work representation for parents in New York City child welfare proceedings) will guide attendees through the considerations at play with a focus on protecting non-citizen parents from harsh immigration consequences and aiming for the best outcomes, case plans, and family court orders.


Recorded Date

October 27, 2021


  • Danny Alicea, Litigation Supervisor, Immigration Practice with the Center for Family Representation
  • Sara N. Lewis, Senior Staff Attorney, Family Defense Practice with the Center for Family Representation


  • Cristina Ritchie Cooper, Senior Counsel with the ABA Center on Children and the Law