Winning At The BIA

Webinar Details

The ABA Children’s Immigration Law Academy (CILA) and the National Immigration Litigation Alliance (NILA) invite you to a webinar presentation covering appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).

This live webinar provided an overview of the BIA appeal process and tips for preparing and filing a successful BIA appeal. Topics include:

  • The importance of the BIA Practice Manual.
  • How the appeal timeline works.
  • How to prepare and file a notice of appeal, including what to file and preserving arguments for appeal.
  • Briefing strategies including issues to watch out for on appeal.
  • The mechanics of a persuasive BIA appeal brief, including how to organize, research, and write the brief.


Recorded Date

June 22, 2021


  • Mary Kenney, Deputy Director, NILA
  • Tiffany Lieu, Staff Attorney, NILA

Webinar Materials