OTIP Requests and Violations of Unaccompanied Children’s Rights

Webinar Details

A presentation from CILA’s April 2024 Virtual Boot Camp for Detained Children’s Legal Service Providers. This session reviews protections for child victims of human trafficking, the legal authority for OTIP letters and benefits, and the legal requirements for proof of eligibility. It also covers the sources of legal protections for all Unaccompanied Children – the Flores Settlement Agreement, the Homeland Security Act, and the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act. Practitioners will learn how and when to make the appropriate complaints for civil rights abuses. The session also covers ORR policy guidance and utilizes hypotheticals throughout.


Recorded Date

April 19, 2024


  • Laura Egan , Managing Attorney for Pro Bono & Communications
  • Nadia Danilovich, Senior Staff Attorney

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