Immigration Judge Perspectives on Pro Bono Representation and Best Practices

Webinar Details

The ABA Children’s Immigration Law Academy (CILA) invites you to a webinar presentation. Hear from former and current immigration judges on pro bono representation and best practices for removal proceedings. This webinar focuses on immigration court practice and procedure, best practices for pro bono attorneys, as well as issues affecting children’s cases in immigration court. The webinar is intended for an audience of pro bono coordinators, pro bono attorneys, and anyone interested in pro bono work. The conversation will be at an introductory level. The panel discussion will cover topics including:

  • Introductory information about immigration court practice and procedure including what to expect when representing an individual in removal proceedings
  • Immigration judges’ perspectives on pro bono representation in immigration court including what has worked well and what has not worked well with pro bono attorneys
  • Information about working with children and youth in immigration court
  • Best practices and tips from the immigration judge perspective CILA closes the webinar with information about how to get involved in representation of children and youth

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Recorded Date

February 7, 2023


Speakers include:

  • Judge Jennie Giambastiani, Former Immigration Judge
  • Judge Carol King, Former Immigration Judge
  • Judge Kristie-Anne Padron, Immigration Judge
  • Moderator: Laura Egan, CILA

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